HD Video & Building Animation
Visions in Photography unique 3D and 2D Building Animation services, brings drone videography and computer-generated imagery (CGI) together. The result is your visions brought to life by both technologies.  Our videographer and animator are true visionary wizards who take the time to understand your project and make it happen without picking up a hammer. Your clients, team and investors will be blown away by the next level of professional shine VIP’s Building Animation takes your project.  
Architectural Imaging
Visions In Photography offers a full range of architectural and interior design photography services for projects that range from small offices all the way to large-scale sporting arenas. We have helped many airports, academic institutions, corporate, hospitality, medical facilities, theaters, retail and residence see the beauty and dynamic design of their buildings. Before any shoot we will discuss you image goals and how you plan to use them so that we capture all the elements you want. Our goal is for you to fall in love with our images because our clients are always VIPs.
Construction Photography
Documenting Your Progress Through Our LensFrom the initial site survey to the final completed building, developers, construction transportation, defense, hospitality firms, schools and architects use our services to clearly document each stage of their projects – from ground breaking to the final result.Early photographs assist with planning and site evaluation, while monthly or bi-monthly shots clearly show the progress and can be used to brief management and the client, plan deliveries or staging of materials, spot potential problems, avoid disputes with sub-contractors, insurers and much more. Many of our clients also use our photos to showcase their projects that win both local and national awards.
Aerial Image Documentation
Aerial photography often involves close liaison with design teams, contractors, manufacturers and the site team on an ongoing basis.  Visions in Photography is familiar with coordinating this kind of activity across the broad construction team and you can be confident that those critical shots will be captured with minimal disruption to the project.