About Visions in Photography

For over a decade, Visions in Photography, Inc., headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, is the leading provider of award winning high resolution digital aerial, architectural, and construction. We create high resolution, photo realistic, 3D models of your construction projects and integrate them into aerial photographs or even full motion aerial video.  Our time lapse video services will also help you see in detail the progress of your project.  All of our services are on time, in budget, and include full release rights.

Our clients receive sharp, detailed images shot with the latest digital photography technology. Many VIP photos have been featured in local and national publications such as Architectural Digest and Southwest Contractors Magazine.

Fundamental to our method is building a strong understanding of our Arizona, Nevada and California clients’ work through their eyes with the end result being striking images that convey our clients’ design progress and goals.

Documenting Your Progress Through Our Lens

From the initial site survey to the final completed building, developers, construction transportation, defense, hospitality firms, schools and architects use our services to clearly document each stage of their projects – from ground breaking to the final result.

Early photographs assist with planning and site evaluation, while monthly or bi-monthly shots clearly show the progress and can be used to brief management and the client, plan deliveries or staging of materials, spot potential problems, avoid disputes with sub-contractors, insurers and much more. Many of our clients also use our photos to showcase their projects that win both local and national awards.


Our clients set the photo objectives and we apply professional aviation and photography skills to deliver excellent aerial print pictures and electronic images. Our pre-flight planning considers the optimum altitude, camera angle, sun direction and other critical factors to produce the best aerial images for our clients.

Businesses use our aerial photo documentation as a historical record of their company or to document their growth. For those businesses providing a service to clients such as renovations, landscaping or pool installations, aerial photography is an excellent planning tool.  A photograph of the completed project is a spectacular gift your client will not forget. For our corporate clients, aerial photography of their corporate headquarters is perfect for the boardroom or waiting area and as a cover photograph for their annual reports and much more.


Visions in Photography’s seasoned Architectural and Interior Photographers understand the wide-scope of how their images will be used by marketing and sales departments for years after the shoot.  Architectural photographs can instantly convey the nature and prosperity of your business and used in many different types of promotional mediums including your company website, social media outlets and commonly used in advertisements, trade shows, TV commercials, brochures and in sales presentations. They are also used to show your location, making it much easier for you customers to find you. We always include close-ups as well as wide angle views to show your location and access.